APPD 1200T

12.1” 工业IP65防护等级 4:3 SVGA可冲洗触控液晶显示器
  • 主要特点
  • 符合IP65等级的塑料前面板边框和可冲洗式5线电阻式触控屏
  • 两种显示输入接口方式:VGA和DVI-D
  • 外观与APPC系列相同
  • 两种触控屏接口方式:RS232和USB
  • 结构超薄设计
  • OSD支持多国语言

12.1" 4:3 LCD display APPD 1200T is based on a 5-wire resistive touch screen. It has 500 nits brightness and can support resolutions up to 800 x 600. APPD 1200T is ideal for space-critical environments where systems and displays are kept apart. In addition, APPD 1200T adopts a flush panel design and has IP65 front panel. APPD 1200T provides prevailing video interfaces: VGA and DVI, supporting both digital and analog signals; touch screen can be connected with RS232 or USB ports. Moreover, APPD 1200T supports 12~24VDC power input and offers panel mount and VESA mount, allowing users to choose the mounting method that meets their situation. APPD 1200T is the best solution for NEXCOM NISE fanless computer, NViS security surveillance series and APPC panel PC when a second display is required.

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